Yunibasu Hoshi

“The shimmering sunset giving way to the stars! Cure Celestia, at your service!”

- Introduction Phrase.

“_______ is dazzling!”

- Catchphrase.

Information Edit

  • Fish Age: 3.
  • Human Age: 12 (Normal)/14 (Cure Celestia). Birthday: October 8th.
  • True Self: Starcake.

Appearance Edit

Starcake is a lavender-colored fish with a pink face, multiple star markings on her body, and blue eyes. Each fin is dark pink and has one white star marking on the back. Her tongue is light blue. There is a small white star shape in the middle of her face.

Yunibasu has purple skin, blue eyes, and dark purple hair worn in a shoulder-length bob resembling Cure Milky. She has a loose dark purple tank top, white tights with green stripes, and blue flats. She is the second-youngest member of the group in human form.

In her alternate outfit, she wears a medium purple tank top under an oversized indigo sports jacket, blue shorts, and green sneakers. She also has a small orange clip on the side of her head resembling a shooting star. During sleepovers, she wears indigo pajamas.

As Cure Celestia, her hair becomes longer and fluffier (resembling Cure Soleil’s hairstyle) and changes color to a mix of blue and purple. Her outfit consists of a baby blue star-patterned crop top (with her Star Color Pendant) with puffed sleeves, yellow high heel boots with pink stars, and a knee-length skirt that is pink and orange like a sunset. She keeps her Star Color Pens in a small pack on her right hip. On her head, she has a light purple headband adorned with a sphere resembling Saturn. Her earrings also resemble Saturn. She has two pink wristbands, both with a crescent shape. Her eyes turn green.

When she is transformed into Cure Celestia, she physically ages from 12 to 14.

In Twinkle Imagination Style, her hair is worn in two long pigtails. She no longer wears a crop top, her top now covering her midriff and gaining extra ruffles, with her Star Color Pendant resting on a purple bow. Her skirt is a lighter orange with purple and blue sparkles. Her boots gain three small pink stars, while she has a tiara with an indigo star in the middle.

Personality Edit

Starcake is polite, reserved, and refined. She pities those who have less than her.

Attacks Edit

  • Neon Star Flash
  • Sunset Shoot

Gallery Edit

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