Uchida Yua

Information Edit

  • Fish Age: 3-4.
  • Human Age: 15 Years Old (Birthday: November 29th).
  • True Self: Bonbon.

Appearance Edit

Bonbon is a light brown mandarin dragonet with swirly chocolate-brown stripes, light brown fins, and brown eyes.

Yua has pastel green skin and thick, curly chest-length light blue hair that seems to defy gravity and is very springy. She has a brown shirt and blue jeans with white black-laced tennis shoes. Her eyes are very dark brown.

As Cure Rice, her hair turns much thicker and puffier and turns white, resembling a cloud. Her outfit is a dress with a white ribboned skirt, brown along the sides, small wings, and a bow shaped like a sprouting rice grain. Her boots are white with green rice grain-shaped bows.

For summer, she wears wears a white T-shirt with the words “My name is Uchida Yua and I love rice!” written in Japanese. In the dub it was changed to “I’m Yulia Jazz and rice is the best!” She has a ruffled pale green miniskirt and white flip-flops. In her alternate outfit, Yua wears a white hoodie with green pullstrings, tan sweatpants, and green sandals. She has a Goguiri headband. During sleepovers, she wears extremely light gray, off-white pajamas so that the stripes would be visible while still wearing her theme color.

As Super Cure Rice, she wears her slightly longer hair in a ponytail, and she has a pair of chopsticks in her hair along with a green headband that has two oval shapes on it. Her skirt is fluffy and oval-shaped with a green rim and resembles a rice ball, as evidenced by the black strip on the front of her outfit. Her wings also become larger.

Personality Edit

Bonbon/Yua is no-nonsense and has little room for messing around, and is also (no pun intended) a bit of an airhead. She usually takes her duties as a Pretty Cure seriously, but is often the butt of others’ jokes due to her airheaded, silly attitude. She is very close friends with Oatmilk and is a tomboy like her.

Powers Edit

  • Precure Rice Wind
  • Cloudy Bullet
  • Gluten-Free Storm
  • Puffy Cloud Bounce
  • Silk Dream
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