“The sugary sweet warrior of everything nice, I’m Cure Saccharine!”

— Cure Saccharine‘s Introduction.

”Kirakira a la mode, decoration!”

— Stella’s transformation phrase.


About Edit

Stella Donatsu (Savannah Bonbonsworth) is one of Ultra's Fish Pretty Cure alter egos. Her true identity is a baby Ninja Dragonet named Shugadorimu (Sugar) and her alter ego is Cure Saccharine (Glitter Sweets), the Pretty Cure of sweets and kindness. She is eternally 5 days old (6 years old as Stella) and her birthday is June 26th.

Ultra enjoys this form as it allows him to act childish without raising eyebrows.

Appearance Edit

As Shugādorīmu but nicknamed Sugar, she is a pastel pink infant mandarin dragonet with magenta eyes and fins, with her pelvic fins having slightly lighter tips. On her back are thick wavy white stripes. Her tongue is magenta.

Stella Donatsu has pastel pink skin with hot pink hair that is about chest length, with rainbow clips in her bangs. Her eyes are cyan. She has a pink long-sleeved shirt with three red hearts. She has purple pants, and she wears her Sweets Pact tied to a bow on the front of her shirt. Her face is dusted with cyan freckles.

As Cure Saccharine, her hair grows into very long (down to her ankles) springy corkscrew-coiled white pigtails secured with dark pink candy-shaped clips. Her outfit consists of a long-sleeved white top with cyan on the collar and cuffs with cyan and magenta, a magenta bow at her neck, a fluffy pink skirt resembling cotton candy, and thigh-length boots with cyan bows. She keeps her Sweets Pact on her left hip, which is cyan, pink, and brown and resembles an upside-down melted ice cream cone.

For summer, Stella wears a magenta pink ruffled tank top with blue shorts and white flipflops. She also has her nails painted light pink. In her alternate outfit, she wears a collared pale pink button-up dress with a white waist bow, a pleated skirt, and elbow-length sleeves. She has cyan flats and thigh-high white stockings. During sleepovers, she wears pink pajamas with stripes and with her hair in a loose rolled-up bun held by a light pink scrunchie with a cupcake-shaped centerpiece.

In her Lactose Purity form, her hair is worn in a large, wide fan-shaped ponytail secured with a pink hairband. Her dress turns completely white (except for the waistband) and her boots become cream-colored.

In her Sucrose Happy Face form, her hair is worn in long sectioned pigtails, and her dress becomes wider and gains several lollipops.

As her Glucose Smile form, her hair is still worn in ankle length pigtails but is no longer curled and is held with green spherical clips. Her outfit turns olive green and her skirt is white, with her boots being pastel green.

Personality Edit

Due to her young age, Sugar is both very curious and easily scared. She is also very messy and has a tendency to leave messes for others to clean up. She is extremely childish and immature.

She has been shown to mispronounce some words, such as when she pronounces “vacation” as “vacuum—shin.” She commonly mispronounces complicated words and says them ending with -ee or y, such as “mandareey drageey and Greninjeey” (mandarin dragonet and Greninja).

Sugar loves pink and her favorite thing to play with is a pink blanket she got. She cherishes this blanket very much. She even thinks she‘s a Fairy-type because she’s pink and adorable, not understanding she’s actually a Water and Dark-type.

Being only (permanently) 5 days old, she has a tendency to have accidents at inconvenient times or places, such as all over her blanket, the carpet, or Elizabeth’s bed. However, since she’s so young, she can’t without her “mom”’s help. When her “mom“ encourages her to poop, her “mess” sometimes explodes all over everything.

As Stella, she acts slightly more mature than her normal form and still mispronounces almost everything. She tends to be friendly and happy-go-lucky (like her normal self) but like her real self, she is quite naive and gullible and can be easily manipulated by strangers if they offer her treats or rewards.

Attacks Edit

  • Syrup Bomb: Cure Saccharine‘s main attack.
  • Saccharine Blizzard: Cure Saccharine summons a huge blizzard of sugar from her Candy Rod.
  • Spun Sugar Shoot: Cure Saccharine shoots a ball of sticky cotton candy at the enemy that temporarily encases them in a block of sugar.
  • Milky Tsunami: Cure Saccharine creates a giant wave of milk from her Candy Rod.
  • Healing Blessing: Cure Saccharine can heal a wounded teammate. It can also purify enemies.

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