Shiori Umesaki

Information Edit

  • True Self: Violet.
  • Fish Age: 6.
  • Human Age: 17 (Birthday: April 12).

Appearance Edit

In her normal form, Violet is a bright purple mandarin dragonet with a lighter colored face and indigo fins.

Shiori has light purple skin and curly light lavender hair worn in twin shoulder-length braids. She has a frilly, light pink puffy-sleeved party dress with red and purple flower patterning. Her boots are purple and made with fake fur. Shiori is usually seen wearing heavy dark purple eyeshadow and eyeliner, giving her a more mature look than the other Cures. She is also noticeably taller than all of her teammates.

For summer, she wears a purple T-shirt with a Sakura design along with pinkish-purple leggings and violet crocs.. In her alternate outfit, Shiori wears a pink cardigan sweater with red pants, a white undershirt, and purple flats. During sleepovers, she lets her hair out of its braids and instead wears it in a loose scrunchie ponytail as well as her color-colored pajamas and lack of makeup.

As Cure Plum, her hair is worn in the same twin braid style, but grows to thigh length and becomes a dark wine reddish-purple shade, held with light pink plum blossom bows, and her eyes turn dark purple. She has a short dark purple velvet dress with a Heartcatch-like blue heart chest bow, and two red heart gems. Her eyeliner is more winged and turns pink, and her eyeshadow is replaced with thick mascara. She has red flats, each having a plum blossom flower. On her head is a blue heart gem bow headpiece.

Personality Edit

Violet is very elegant and is quieter than most of the other Cures. She is very shy around most people, especially boys, but she tries to be polite to everybody even if she has to fake it.

Attacks Edit

  • Sugar Plum Shoot
  • Blossom Blast
  • Purple Blizzard
  • Lovely Blossom Punch

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