Morika Kushizen

Information Edit

  • True Self: Mossy.
  • Human Age: 14 (Birthday: May 9th).

Appearance Edit

Mossy is a green mandarin dragonet with swirly brown stripes and green and brown fins.

Morika has neon lime green skin, indicating she is a green-colored mandarin dragonet transformed into a human, and back-length dark brown hair. She wears a light brown tank top with a leaf pattern, dark green bell bottom jeans, and white tennis shoes with blue laces.

In her alternate outfit, Morika wears a dark green long-sleeved shirt with pink flower patterning, a light green skirt, and pink sneakers with brown laces. During sleepovers, she wears green pajamas with stripes. During the Melemele Summer Festival, she has a very light green yukata with pink flower designs and her hair in a bun, along with a dark green scarf around her neck.

As Cure Nature, her hair turns bright emerald green and grows into straight (not puffy like Cure Light) waist-length pigtails held with two Heartcatch style hairclips. Her outfit consists of a Heartcatch Precure-style skirt that is green, white, and brown and has a white top with green puffy sleeves. She has brown ballet slippers adorned with green leaves.

Personality Edit

Mossy is the girly-girl along with Sugar, Violet, Starcake, and Dandelion, contrasting Oatmilk, Dragonet, and Bonbon’s tomboyish personalities, and loves makeup and fin polish. She can be timid and quiet at times, especially when under pressure.

Mossy has always been fascinated by forests, flowers, and plants. She will often go to the forest when she’s upset to calm down. She rarely, if ever, gets angry, and always tries to keep her cool.

Attacks Edit

  • Leaf Play
  • Forest Sprouting
  • Sprouting Power Bash
  • Lily Typhoon
  • Shining Vinetangle

Trivia Edit

  • Mossy (and as Morika) has red-green color blindness. However, this goes away as Cure Nature.
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