Mahira Akarui

“The warm radiant energy of light glittering before you! Cure Light!”

— Cure Light’s Introduction.

“Pretty Cure, shine bright!’

— Cure Light’s Transformation Phrase.

About Edit

Mahira Akarui (Madison Aster) is one of Ultra’s Fish Pretty Cure Forms. Her true identity is a Ninja Dragonet named Dandelion, and her alter ego is Cure Light (Glitter Radiance in the English dub), the Pretty Cure of Light. She is 3 years old as a fish and 14 years old as a human with her birthday being July 21st.

Appearance Edit

Dandelion is a yellow mandarin dragonet with green eyes and golden fins. Her tongue is orange-yellow.

As a civillian, Mahira has platinum blonde hair reaching halfway down her back and lemon yellow skin. She casually wears a white elbow-length-yellow-sleeved shirt with a bright yellow smiley face on it. Her shorts are orange. She has black Mary Jane shoes and sun clip in her hair.

In her alternate outfit, Mahira is seen wearing a yellow dress with light blue flower designs, her hair in a ponytail, and pink socks under yellow sneakers.

As Cure Light, her hair grows down to her feet and turns fluorescent yellow, worn in thick voluminous twintails held in sun-shaped clips. Her outfit resembles that of Cure Peace, except that her boots are ankle-length and not knee-length. She keeps her Prism Wand on her left hip.

As Shining Cure Light, her hair becomes thicker and is worn in two very long braids. Her bow becomes larger, gaining a diamond in the center. Her skirt flares out more and her top gains extra ruffles.

As Divine Light, her ultimate upgraded form, her whole body radiates a soft glow and her hair is worn loose reaching down past her feet, with a diamond tiara. Her whole outfit turns light yellow and resembles a flowing gown. She gains white gloves and a yellow choker.

Personality Edit

Dandelion/Mahira is very happy and cheerful, energetic, and excitable. She loves running around and making others happy, but she can become sad and depressed when others are sad. She is normally sweet and kind, but can be stubborn when she doesn’t get her way.

Attacks Edit

  • Photon Blast
  • Fishy Ensemble
  • Clap Flash

Trivia Edit

  • Ultra uses this form mostly against fighting darkness.
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