Enbaki Harumi

Age Edit

  • Fish Age: 4.
  • Human Age: 13 Years Old (Birthday: December 18th).
  • True Form: Oatmilk.

Appearance Edit

In her normal form, Oatmilk has a light tan main body and a pastel green face (and matching green fins) that are the same shade as her human form’s skin. Her eyes are brown, and her tongue is dark brown.

Harumi has green skin, dark brown eyes, and dark brown (though not as dark as Morika’s) hair worn in twin odango buns held with tan bows. She wears a light purple long-sleeved shirt, and a light brown hoodie over it, and has brown shoes with blue laces.

In her alternate outfit, she wears a pleated brown skirt, white and blue sneakers, and a light blue T-shirt without her hoodie. Her buns are held with red ribbons. For summer, she wears a white puff-sleeved dress with a cartoon anthropomorphic oat design on it, dark brown sandals, and a yellow hairclip resembling a stalk of oat grains. During sleepovers, she wears medium tan pajamas with white stripes, and her hair completely down.

As Cure Oat, her hair turns light brown and is worn in a ponytail reaching down to her waist, her head being adorned with a string of white beads and a heart gem. Her eyes turn orange. There are two tight curls framing her face, and a section of her hair is braided across her forehead. She wears a tank top dress with a bow that has 4 oat-shaped ribbons, white ruffles, and a dark brown skirt. Her shoes are yellow heeled ballet slippers and she has oat earrings.

Personality Edit

Harumi tends to be very serious and headstrong. She also isn’t afraid to get dirty, and is a reckless, tomboyish adrenaline junkie.

She also gets angry fairly easily, like Evelynn in her true form, and has been shown flipping other characters off a few times. She is the strongest member of the team and usually uses physical combat to fight, but is not as agile or fast as the others.

Attacks Edit

  • Quaker Bullet
  • Ground Shake
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