Donatsu Evelynn

Information Edit

  • Fish Age: 4-5 (Normal); 3 (Physical).
  • Human Age: 14 (Birthday: August 30th).
  • True Self: Bubbles ”Dragonet”.

Appearance Edit

Dragonet has a pink face, with the rest of her skin being blue, and orange and teal stripes. Her fins are orange and purple.

As a civilian, Evelynn has blue skin and dull purple hair worn in chest-length pigtails. Casually, she wears a white jacket, sea green leggings, and white sneakers with blue laces.

For summer, she wears a blue tank top with a pink skirt and dark blue sandals. In her alternate outfit, Evelynn wears a long pale blue dress under a white windbreaker jacket with a pink purse to hold her keys and perfume and her pigtails held with purple and orange bows. At sleepovers, she is seen wearing light blue pajamas with stripes and her hair is worn in a loose ponytail held with a red scrunchie. This is one of the few times she is seen with her hair down.

As Cure Cerulean, her hair becomes wavy and turns red, and grows to her thighs. She wears a sky blue dress with puffy sleeves, a dolphin clip in her hair, white heel boots with red bows and blue tips, water drop earrings, and a simple gold tiara with a blue gem.

As Super Cure Cerulean, her dress resembles a ballgown with a scalloped white skirt underneath. On the edge of her dress are two bows resembling her standard form‘s chest bow. The top part is light pink and she has transparent sleeves. Her boots gain a red stripe. The chest bow is now a dark blue heart with pale indigo top ribbons and long white bottom ribbons. Her hair becomes much longer and thicker and is worn in two large odango buns with the remainder in pigtails trailing behind the buns. She also has star earrings.

Personality Edit

Evelynn is a friendly 14 year-old with a huge appetite, but some of her true form‘s short temper spills over into Evelynn. She has trouble socially interacting with others, and has anxiety, which sometimes reduces her ability to work effectively with her teammates.

She has gradually learned to manage her anger issues and anxiety. The anger issues, however, will most likely not go away. Her personality and dark past qualifies her as a dark magical girl, which is also conveyed through her bland outfit colors and her dark purple hair.

Attacks Edit

  • Water Heart
  • Gel Bubble
  • Hydro Twister
  • Cerulean Splash
  • Fishy Ensemble

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