Yukimura Chiaki

Appearance Edit

In her true form, Cryo is a light blue mandarin dragonet with darker blue swirly stripes, and medium blue fins. As Cryo, she ends her sentences with “~cryu.”

As Chiaki, she has fair skin and very curly sky blue hair worn in pigtails. She has a white shirt with elbow-length sleeves and a blue rim. Her skirt is grayish-blue and wispy, and she has indigo flats.

For summer, Chiaki wears a white and blue tank top, an aquamarine miniskirt, and pink crocs. She has dark blue sunglasses and she has a hairclip shaped like multiple bubbles. Like the other Fish Pretty Cures, she can instantly change outfits by “adjusting” her human transformation to have different clothes, but prefers to change clothes like a normal person to avoid giving away the fact that she’s a fish that is transformed.

As Cure Crystal, her hair becomes baby blue and grows to waist length, worn in a ponytail. She has a pale blue midriff-baring puffy top with a vaguely butterfly-shaped bow that has a crystal in the center, a light cyan skirt shaped like crystals, and dark blue flats with white socks. She has a 6-point gold tiara on her head and cube-shaped earrings.

Personality Edit

Cryo is relatively closed off, introverted, elegant, and reserved, but warms up to others with time. Her personality doesn’t change as Chiaki, but as a human she enjoys wearing makeup and loves fashion. She takes her heroine duties seriously, but also just wants to have a normal life.

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